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If you have a huge interest in gardens and plants, or you may simply want to relax and enjoy a day outside, -no matter,

You will always be welcome in this special garden situated in the countryside.


On the homepage you will find lots of photos and a description of the garden plus lots of good gardening advices.


The garden

The Gardeners garden is a private garden measuring 15.000 square meters. It was started in 2005 and parts of it, is still undergoing development. The garden belongs to a busy family, with a huge love for plants. The garden is separated into various smaller garden areas, with an incredibly varied selection of plants


In the garden you will find

The garden is made up of several ’rooms’ or smaller gardens, such as: A large round perennial garden, divided into colours. A gravel garden with alpines, a garden with twisted trees, and one with weeping trees under planted with Geranium species. There is a grass-garden with Alliums, - romantic garden with a small gazebo. An orchard, and an area with Rhododendrons, two ponds, and a small forrest. This is not an immaculate garden, but it is a garden with ideas and visions, and a huge variety in plants. There is for instance a collection of rare oak trees and evergreens, and a mass of Hostas and Echinaceas. There are several varieties of walnut and hazel. It’s a garden where trial and error goes hand in hand with a big love for plants. Here obviously lives someone who has the gardening-bug.


Bring the picnic basket

If the weather is nice, feel free to bring your picnic basket, and seat yourselves somewhere in the

garden. Or bring a rug, there is lots of lawn to rest on.


Opening hours

The garden is open weekends from 10.00 till 16.00 from week 19, and then every second

weekend thereafter. Week 21, 23, 25, all weeks with unequal numbers

The entrance fee is 20 kroner, per person. Cash only.



Address: Ryde Moellevej 14, 7830 Vinderup.





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